1. Buying an entry ticket is tantamount to get well acquainted and accepting the Park Janosika’s policy.
  2. Entry card enables you to make orders in the Cafe. It is alsso the basis of settlement. Losing the card i tantamount to 200 PLN fee.
  3. The customer is obligated to choose the type of the ticket before entrance. There is no possibility to change the ticket during the stay in the playground. Every begun minute: + 0,60 PLN per child.
  4. There is a possibility to leave the child in the care of the staff – “Play + Care” service. To use the service it is required to fill the form at the reception and accept the policy of the service “Play + Care”. In ay other cases parents/guardians who leave the child in the playground make it on their own responsibility.
  5. For 1 – 4yo children there is a special baby’s area. Children from 4yo
    may use all attractions – also the main construction.
  6. All equipment available in the Park Janosika may be used only with their purpose. The owner is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by improper use.
  7. Parents or Guardians are responsible for their children’s safety.
  8. In the case of any injuries during using the Park Janosika’s equipment it is required to report this immediately to the staff. Under the sanction of recognise that the injury didn’t happened at the playground..
  9. Parents or Guardians are fully responsible for any damages or injuries of other customers caused by children stayed under their care.
  10. The staff may deny entry next customers if there are to many people inside the playground. Restriction stems from safety requirements.
  11. The staff may deny entry or ask for leave the playground earlier because of the child’s inappropriate behavior endanger to others.
  12. In the playground there is a total ban of go in with shoes on. Regardless of the season there is entry only in socks.
  13. Shoes and clothes should be left in the cloak-room next to the reception.
  14. Please do not leave your valuable things in plain view. The staff is not obligated to keep eyes on belongings. Park Janosika is not responsible in the case of missing or steal.
  15. In the playground there is a total ban:

– of bringing own food or beverages
– of getting out toys or equipment from the playground
– of going into safety nets
– of pushing other children
– of taking food or bevereges into main construction
– of drinking alcohol

16. The staff is entitled to check the ID to check if the customer has the right to discount.

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