“PLAY + CARE” Service – The Policy

Service provider:

KIDS Park Janosika – Sala Zabaw

Ul. Krupówki 14a, 34-500 Zakopane

Entity responsible:

UNBOUND Sp. z o.o.

ul. Na Gubałówkę 2a, 34-500 Zakopane


Child and the legal guardian

(indicated in the declaration)


to 1 h


+ 20,00 PLN for Children Care

1 h – 2 h


+ 30,00 PLN for Children Care

2 h – 4 h


+ 45,00 PLN for Children Care

every begun minute 1 PLN per child


  1. “Play + Care” Service is available for children:

– from 3 to 11yo
– who do not have medical restrictions
– who do not use meds which should be taken during stay at the playground
– who do not use pampers/diapers
– who can use the toilet alone

  1. To use the “Play + Care” service it is required what below:

– To fill in 100% the declaration at the reception.
– Signing the policy is tantamount to acceptation (attachment nr 1).
– Staff must accept the filled declaration.


  1. “Play + Care” Service is that we guarantee that child will not leave the playground before the Parent/Guardian (indicated in the declaration) will take the child.
  2. The staff is control safety of the child with due care.
  3. Park Janosika is not responsible for any injuries which are not the result of bad technical condition of the playground.
  4. In the interest of health and safety due to random events (malaise, insubordination) staff reserve the right to summon the parent/guardian to take the child earlier.
  5. The staff reserve the right to deny to take the child due to exceed the limit of children.
  6. If child cause any damages, soilings of equipment or others not included in the declaration – the staff reserve the right to charge the parent/guardian the costs of repair.

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